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5 Ways to beat those post wedding blues




5 Ways to beat those post wedding blues

Paula McGarry

Your special day is over and you're back from your honeymoon. All there is to do is reflect and remember all the amazing moments from your wedding. It can feel sad the day you've been planning for so long is over. But we've got some tips to make you feel future bright.

1) Download some new music
You most likely have a few songs from your wedding playlist or DJ that keep cropping up in your shuffled music. These can conjur up memories you'd prefer to remember a year or so on. Treat yourself to some new music. There's no doubt that listening to your music can promote feelings of good health and nurturing of the soul. But further still 'new' music can create feelings of optimism, future and new beginnings. Buy a whole album and listen to all the songs in a row. Create new memories and moments.

2) Get photo organised
I have a very organised friend who when she comes back from her holiday makes a printed album of her memories from the time away. This physical documented library is a great back up to your digital photo collection. God forbid if your computer is ever stolen or you have a digital meltdown and loose all your photos, you will have your printed album safely at hand and to look back at in years to come.

3) Set some goals
I love this one. Sometimes the weeks and days just roll into one and with the years seeming to get quicker as we get older, time can just fade away from us. Setting personal goals for the year month and even week is so so valuable, it's when you put your life into real action mode. It's actually good to start off with writing down what you have achieved over the last few years or in your life so that you don't feel you haven't got any personal achievements to date. Then looking forward, really think about where you would like to be in 5 years time - what does your life style look like? Dream big.

4) Take up a new hobby
For the last year you have more likely seen your spare time dedicated to wedding spreadsheets, email correspondence with venues and answering friends queries. You may feel now you have the time to dedicate to yourself. Try something new like pottery, ballet or that part time writing course you've always wanted to do. You will feel so much better and rewarded having something that makes you feel happy and fulfilled: a new focus.

5) Say thank you
Nothing on TV? You can still curl up on the sofa and start writing your thank you cards. Get a really nice pen to make it more enjoyable, print off your wedding guest list and get started. Don't forget, receiving something in the post is a real treat for guests and they will be delighted with your thoughtfulness. Reward yourself with a mini treat when this last wedding task is complete - pedicure or hot bath? 

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