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Paula McGarry

Whilst a cold and crisply delicious glass of champagne is the traditional welcome drink to serve on your wedding day, the idea of breaking away from this in favour of serving a personally chosen cocktail is becoming ever more popular. After all, who wants to follow the crowd? With the range of cocktails available becoming ever more creative this is a unique opportunity to really wow your wedding guests and create the perfect beginning to your big day, as well as the perfect way to tie your welcome drink in with your wedding theme. Below we have included some of our favourite wedding cocktails to inspire you as you select the perfectly crafted cocktail. Enjoy!


Lavender Gin Fizz

There’s no denying that there is currently a huge gin craze sweeping through the nation and with more high quality gins available to buy than ever before, this is the perfect time to craft your perfect gin based wedding cocktail. A classic gin fizz cocktail is very similar to a Tom Collins and includes gin, lemon juice and sugar as the core ingredients. It is probably the best-known variety of the ‘fizz’ cocktails, which gained popularity in America, and subsequently the rest of the world, during the 1900s, and is the perfect mix of sweet and refreshing that is ideal for a spring wedding. A simple twist of lavender can really elevate this drink – add lavender syrup and lavender bitters for taste, and garnish with loose lavender leaves for a stunning finished effect.

Photo by Theresa Furey

Photo by Theresa Furey


A small twist on an old wedding classic, the Bellini actually has a proud heritage dating back to Venice in 1934 when it was served up for the first time by in Harry’s Bar by Giovanni Bellini. A mix of 2 parts prosecco to 1 part peach puree this is a lightly elegant drink that would pair perfectly with a summer wedding and is a perfect option if you prefer traditional glass of fizz.

Image via pinterest

Image via pinterest

Whiskey Sour

If you like the idea of having a separate cocktail for men and woman then you can’t go far wrong with a Whiskey Sour as your male option. A timelessly classic drink, this will instantly make the drinker feel suave, cool and sophisticated. Made with bourbon, lemon juice, sugar syrup and (sometimes) egg white, this is one you can customise by picking your own bourbon and garnish. A maraschino cherry and slice of orange are the traditional garnishes, but why not break with the past and experiment with your own?

Photo and cocktail from Kleinworth & Co

Photo and cocktail from Kleinworth & Co

Pink or Lavender Lemonade

Not every cocktail needs to have alcohol in and if you are catering for guests that drink or children, why not include a refreshing lemonade? You can experiment with different colours but pink and lavender lemonade always look so beautiful, and serving both together would create a fantastic mix of colours. For pink lemonade the addition of cranberry juice will give it that perfect pastel hue, and deliciously sweet taste, whilst lavender lemonade can be made by adding lavender syrup and dried lavender. 

Photo from

Photo from

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Top Honeymoon Destinations for Wine Lovers

Paula McGarry

After all the careful planning, the meticulous preparation, and the many nights spent counting down slowly to your big day, the aftermath of your wedding may leave you feeling a little lost. This is where one of the most important parts of your wedding can finally begin - your dream honeymoon.

It’s easy to lose sight of this amidst the hectic months of planning, but your honeymoon is the part where you and your new spouse can finally relax, let go and simply enjoy each others company. Everyone is different and because secluded beaches and typically ‘honeymoon’ resorts are not what all of us dream of, below we have put together some fantastic ideas for the wine connoisseurs among you to set fire to your imagination and bring you some inspiration.


South Africa

Whilst it may be better known for its safari opportunities, South Africa is a fantastic destination for wine lovers. Just 40km away from Cape Town you will find Cape Winelands, an area of breathtaking natural beauty that also happens to be the largest wine-producing region in the country. Here you will find sunny vineyards and quaint boutique hotels that offer a relaxed and charming getaway. The towns of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are best known for their wine estates and you can easily spend a few days in both visiting the local wine estates and exploring the area. A must for every visitor is trying the wine made from the country’s native Pinotage grape.

Our top tip… Rent a car and decide on your own route to discover the best wineries off the beaten track.  



An established ‘Grande Dame’ when it comes to producing wines of exceptional quality, France is truly a destination that all wine lovers should visit at least once. There are many different areas to choose, from Bordeaux to the Rhone Valley, and of course the famous Champagne region, so how do you decide which is right for you? Aside from the obvious – visiting the region that produces the wine you like best – we suggest looking at the location of each area. If you can’t stand more than a couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of a city go for Champagne, which is only 90 miles north east of Paris. You can combine the two and get the best of both worlds. For those who prefer a more rural setting try the Rhone Valley in the south. Excellent wines pair with breathtaking views to provide an overwhelmingly serene and enjoyable experience.

Our top tip… If you’re a real city slicker book a fancy hotel in the heart of Paris and visit Champagne on a day trip instead.



Italy is a truly romantic destination where good food and good wine go hand in hand. Their cuisine is as rich and varied as the wines produced here and no matter where you choose to visit, you can be sure the offerings in these departments will be second to none. Venice is an excellent choice for honeymooners, the picturesque setting providing the perfect romantic getaway for newlyweds. Enjoy a private gondola ride along the winding waterways of the city, before embarking on a comprehensive wine tasting tour through the city. For the adventurous, the Prosecco region is a mere hours drive from Venice providing the perfect day tour through the stunning Italian countryside. Bliss.

Our top tip… For a unique trip visit Cinque Terre, a small white wine region home to the colourful, unspoiled paradise of Cinque Terre National Park.

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Lilac Wedding Theme Colour

Paula McGarry

Lilac deriving from the powerful colour of purple represents imagination and spirituality. It lets you get in touch with your deeper thoughts and creates harmony in our mind of emotions. Lilac in particular is great for creating a stress free sanctuary environment - perfect for any wedding day aura.

Bridesmaid Dresses

First up our pick of lilac bridesmaid dresses for 2016. The high street are producing some absolute stunners at affordable prices. We love long floaty dresses as they tend to add that extra elegant sophistication as well as suiting most body types. From left to right we love this Steen Bow Back Maxi from TFNC (available on Asos). The sateen waist belt really adds a bit of opulence. We also love this Corine boutique embellished maxi dress from for a whimsical magical look or this wedding lace applique maxi dress form Asos. It's chiffon lined and softly pleated skirt with scoop back make the dress. These long dresses will keep your girls cool or warm depending on the weather.


Well we know that adding a sprig of lavender instantly adds sophisitcation to any cocktail so order a bit extra from your florist and ask the caterers to add a couple of stalks. Figs are also a great decorative garnish and we love these flower infused ice cube idea. Notice you don't need any fancy glasses when adding these little special floral garnishes.


Props can be a great stage for photo moments. We love these bold ideas below. Imagine your guests purched on these for fun group shots and the brdie and groom for romantic shots. And these can easily be made by you with a can of spray paint. There are some good wedding prop hire companies around if you fancy skipping the DIY. Remember to add flowers to complete the wedding look.

Hair Flowers

When it comes to hair, we love the natural look. Ask your florist what they can do in the way of tiny mini flowers. Using these is not only light in weight and won't make your hair fall down but they have a romantic delicacy. On the left, we love this look from Katerina Kazakova. We also love this medieval maid marion type hair style with a low crown look on the right (photo by Sabrina Nielson Photography). Even thought these look like natural easy hair waves, it's a good idea to practice these looks with a hair stylist and take pictures so you know exactly what you're aiming for on the day. If you want to take the stress out of the day without using fresh flowers, try this silk flower crown from Blue Orchard Creations.


What are we looking for in a shoe for brides and bridesmaids? Comfort and style. We think these court or a strappy shoes will be held to the feet all day long. Again, the high street is pulling out some delights. From left to right, try these soft fabric strappy sandals from Shuh or these Lucy quilted strappy heels in a lighter shade. For classic comfort and more coverage, we've selected these sunny velvet shoes from Sergio Rossi.


Break tradition and surprise your partner with some sexy lilac lacy undies or you could spring these out on your honeymoon. It's a fact that new and good underwear make you feel good. It might be a nice idea to have these for the day after the weddnig day - something clean and fresh to throw on. From left to right, we love this sheer lace intimate set from Anthropologie. Anthropologie says this layer of clothing worn next to the heart should express things that make up an exquisite woman: happiness, love and confidence - what a great mantra! For you ladies preferring underwired, we've selected this matching lace set from Hanna and Minna Vanilla. We love the embroidered detail on both. If you really want to push the boat out on your wedding night or honeymoon, why night drape around in this Rosamosario silk-georgette nightdress. This little work of art is finished with light-catching crystal buttons along the side to continue to make you glow during and after your wedding.


We love lilac and the pyschology of the colour which is why we use it in so many of our stationery designs. Like white it has a calming and tranquil nature. Here is a selection of invitations, menu cards and order of services that you can find on our site. We also design bespoke stationery for many customers extending to bits like favour labels, table name cards, table plans and gift tags. Have a look at some of our stationery templates or we'd love to hear from you about any special stationery ideas you have that we can help with - so get in touch.

All photography apart from stationery images can be found on our pinterest board. If you enjoyed our lilac themed article, we'd love you to share with others on the share button below. Please leave us a comment and tell us which bits are your favourites. Thanks for reading!

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